The Walking Dead Onslaught 35min Gameplay 3D SBS

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Comments: It seems like the game is receiving a lot of negative reviews and although i was looking forward to play this game, i agree with the reviews that says the game is unsatisfactory.
Right off the bat some of the controllers bindings didn’t work if i set the controller to emulate the Rift S (I’m using the Quest), so i set to emulate the Vive ones which did work but made the click to run a little troublesome.
I won’t be going too much in details but the overall game mechanics is not very satisfying, i think the way your hands interact with the various objects like guns, zombies, doors and pickups items need a lot of improvements to be made.
Although the controller problem gives an bad first impression, the game itself feels unpolished, the controller thing will probably be fixed quickly.

There is three video formats for this recording, please choose the one that fits better your taste or device:
[3D SBS] version:
[3D/2D VR90°] version:
[2D Flat] version:

00:00​ Video Start
00:55​ Tutorial Start
02:25​ 1st Lesson (Stab)
03:07​ 2nd Lesson (Blunt)
04:14​ 3rd Lesson (Guns)
06:00​ 4th Lesson (Live Test)
07:27​ Prologue (What Comes Before and After)
12:35​ Alexandria Introduction
17:08​ Supply Run (Main Street)
23:01​ Back in Alexandria
26:00​ Chapter One Intro
26:45​ Chapter One (Desperate Days)
33:27​ Back in Alexandria


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