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The Wayback immerses viewers in the sights and sounds of yesteryear, painstakingly recreated in 360° video. Winner of the UK Challenge Dementia prize, in association with the Alzheimer’s Society, the highly detailed films are designed specifically to trigger memories in those living with dementia and spark conversations with their carers and loved ones – but also offer moments of reminiscence for anyone who was alive at the time. Each film contains hundreds of positive memory triggers from the relevant era – from the fashion and music to the food, drink, news and conversations.

Dr David Sheard, a leading expert in dementia care, said: ‘The Way Back offers those living with dementia the opportunity to live in the moment, to go back in time and to just ‘ BE ‘ again….to experience and feel being who they were – and share those memories with loved ones’

Charlie Hoare, MD of a Nursing and Dementia Care Home commented: ‘When we shared it with the residents, you could see they were flooded by emotion; smiling and laughing at happy memories. Dementia leaves you feeling unsure about every situation you find yourself in, but being immersed in familiar moments seemed to instill a feeling of certainty and security.’

The films are optimised for use with a simple Cardboard VR viewer. For more information and to get the best out of The Wayback for your needs, please visit

The Films so far…

1953 – Relive the day of the Queen’s Coronation as neighbours got together for street parties across the UK. Nine short films, packed with thousands of memory triggers, recreate the music, fashion and conversations of the era.

The Wayback 1953 PREVIEW

Open youtube app —>:

1966 – Be transported back to the day of the World Cup final 1966. Six films recreating moments such children pretending to be Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst in street kickabouts and pubs and clubs filling up with the nation celebrating.

1969 – Coming Soon: Take a trip back to the day and night of those first steps for mankind on the moon.

1977 – Coming Soon: Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the seventies as punk was born and the nation celebrated the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

We hope The Wayback helps trigger happy memories and sparks precious conversations between you and those you care for.

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