Mark Zuckerberg: First Interview in the Metaverse Lex Fridman Podcast

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Lex Fridman, a computer scientist, podcaster, and writer shared another interview with Mark Zuckerberg, which this time was conducted in Metaverse. The participants conversed in virtual space, using Meta Quest Pro VR headsets.

During the interview, Fridman and Zuckerberg used photorealistic avatars from the ongoing development of Codec Avatars. Meta’s Codec Avatars represent a significant and ongoing research project aimed at transforming remote communication. The goal is to create remarkably convincing, real-time avatars driven by headsets equipped with face-tracking sensors, and eventually extend the technology to glasses as well.

The key feature of Codec Avatars’ VR avatars is the usage of machine learning during the scanning process. This advanced system gathers extensive data on a person’s facial expressions, which is then used to create a virtual model that accurately replicates those expressions during conversations.

Fridman expressed his admiration for the striking realism of the 3D model portraying Zuckerberg within the Metaverse. According to the blogger, it genuinely felt as if they were both present in the same room. Fridman further emphasized that Mark’s 3D avatar not only resembled him but was an impeccable replica, accurately mirroring his facial expressions and distinctive features.

Lex Fridman conducted a Virtual Reality interview with Mark Zuckerberg using Meta’s cutting-edge prototype photorealistic Codec Avatars.

image credit: Lex Fridman

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