Chimney of Horrors Yosemite Higher Spire Free, Part 1 VR180

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Pitch 3 is known by its Valley nickname, «The Chimney of Horrors». The pitch lives up to its monicker. Run out and overhanging the Chimney stretches upwards for almost a hundred feet with limited ability to protect the climber from the danger of falling out. Watch professional rock climber Kevin Jorgeson gracefully climb this hard test piece chimney during his effort to free this classic aid line Northwest Regular Route on Higher Spire. Now in virtual reality Kevin successfully freed all 1200 feet of the spire in Fall of 2018.
Directed & Edited by Jeff Rueppel, Advanced Yeti Productions Co-Producer Abbey Smith,

Staring Athletes Kevin Jorgeson and Ben Rueck
Technical Rigging Ryan Sheridan and Chris Seefoo

Ground Support Priscilla Mewbourne
Special Thanks to Pete Takeda, Dusty Reid, Lena Palmer, Sterling Ropes, La Sportiva USA, Osprey, Rock & Ice, Touchstone Climbing, Digital Stoke Media

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