How to build your own SlimeVR Tracker

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SlimeVR Full-Body Tracker

An affordable, comfortable, wireless, 360° solution for full-body tracking in virtual reality

SlimeVR is a set of open hardware sensors and open source software that facilitates full-body tracking (FBT) in virtual reality. With no base station required, SlimeVR makes wireless VR FBT affordable and comfortable.

How Does it Work?

SlimeVR FBT provides simple, effective tracking of your body and limbs in VR games and other applications. it makes full-body tracking comfortable and affordable by leveraging high-quality inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors and a Wi-Fi connection to your PC rather than wires, cameras, or base stations. Taking the Lower-body set as an example, five trackers—one on each thigh, another on each ankle, and a fifth at the waist—are enough to get the job done. Each tracker monitors its own rotation in space, and SlimeVR software uses your proportions and headset location to calculate joint angles and estimate limb positions. In more technical terms, SlimeVR relies on absolute-orientation sensors, a configurable skeleton model, and forward kinematics. The result is like having virtual Vive trackers at key locations on your body.

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