Playas del Algarve Portugal, Europa | Video VR 360º

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Credits: threesixtytravel

Seems like the world is passing through a weird phase with covid-19. I’ve been filming in 360 some cities and places in Algarve since the beginning of the pandemic that are far from the normal. Right now we are in a lockdown here in Portugal so I decided to make a compilation of the beaches I filmed so you can enjoy it by yourself because they were empty! This is a 4k 360º VR video where you can travel and discover the beaches of Albufeira, Armação de Pêra, Portimão and Lagos in Algarve, Portugal! Subscribe to the channel if you liked the video: Reminder: There are people in the world that love to travel and discover new places and when they can they do it. Although, there are also people who wish they could travel however they simply can’t. It could be for having no money, for being in a lockdown, or for not having the health to do it. I like to remind everyone of this because when covid ends almost all of us will be able to travel (we hope so!) but there still exist people out there who won’t! My mission is to travel and show it in 360 for those people! Please help me reach them by subscribing to the channel and sharing this video because I believe that everyone can travel even if it’s just through a virtual journey! Algarve beaches during covid | Portugal, Europe | 360º VR Video 🎥 Video Parts: 00:09 | Threesixtytravel Intro 00:13 | Albufeira | Pescadores Beach 00:24 | Albufeira | Salgados Beach 00:34 | Armação de Pêra | Armação de Pêra Beach 00:45 | Armação de Pêra | Vale dos Olivais Beach 00:55 | Armação de Pêra | Beijinhos Beach 01:05 | Portimão | Três Castelos Beach 01:21 | Portimão | Rocha Beach 01:37 | Portimão | Amado Beach 01:52 | Lagos | Estudantes Beach 02:08 | Lagos | Dona Ana Beach 02:29 | Lagos | Dona Ana Beach 02:50 | Lagos | Pinhão Beach 02:59 | Lagos | Ponta da Piedade Caves 03:21 | Lagos | Batata Beach 03:41 | Threesixtytravel Outro 03:52 | Portimão | Rocha and Três Castelos Beach

Hay personas en el mundo a las que les encanta viajar y descubrir nuevos lugares y cuando pueden lo hacen.
Aunque, también hay personas que desearían poder viajar, pero simplemente no pueden.
Podría ser por no tener dinero, por estar encerrado o por no tener la salud para hacerlo.
En este video porque creo que todos pueden viajar, incluso si es solo a través de un viaje virtual.

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