Making DIY Haptic Gloves That Let You Feel Virtual Reality!

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This is a project to try to make VR Haptic Glove technology more available for the public. Currently, most VR Haptic Glove products out there are extremely expensive and are targeted for commercial use. In starting this project, I wanted to create a budget, but still well-functioning VR haptic and finger tracking glove that’s cheap and easy for people to get their hands on (or in, lol), and that works **Inside actual VR games**.

Prototype 4 costs about $30 per hand.

Originally, this was just a fun quarantine project to keep me busy, but 500,000 followers later, this project is now much more than that. My goal now is to spread this project as far as possible and hopefully help more people fall in love with Virtual Reality.

Currently, the project is in prototype 4 but I’m innovating constantly to improve the gloves.

Currently, the glove is compatible with PCVR headsets through SteamVR.


Getting Started:

Parts List:

Arduino/ESP32 firmware and STL Files (for 3D Printing) are located here:

Open-source driver to use the gloves in SteamVR (A collaboration between Danwillm and me):

Github Driver Link

Steam Driver Release

Instructions and video tutorials for assembling the gloves are available on youtube.

Many features may be unstable until they are polished, build at your own risk 😛

Public Roadmap:

Prototype 3

  • First public release (finger tracking model)
  • Much more comfortable and tracking improvements

Prototype 3.1

  • Wireless support over Bluetooth
  • Easier to assemble and faster

Prototype 4

  • First public Force Feedback prototype
    • Addition of haptic servos
  • Custom Rigid Mount for controller holders, and many other improvements.

Prototype 5 (WIP)

  • Planned to be much more compact
  • Will have support for finger splay (side to side movement) tracking

How I build CHEAP VR Gloves.


Making a vr glove

Haptic Force Feedback gloves for virtual reality. I can now legitimately FEEL what VR feels like and hold objects in my hands. It’s the most incredible thing I have ever felt in VR actually. It’s amazing. The crazy part is that you can actually build gloves as well! PLus as long as you have a PC of some sort you can use any tracking method whether that be HTC Vive wands, Vive trackers, Knuckles, Oculus Quest’s touch controllers, doesn’t matter. IT’S SICK. These gloves are made by Lucas VR Tech/ LucidVR and we actually go to his workshop to build a pair! Thank you Lucas!


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