Juan Perez


Juan Perez is a great place to start for those on the hunt for vintage, as it covers most bases: there are cheaper normal clothes, more expensive and extravagant garments, and everything in between. The two-storey shop is big, bright, attractive and fantastically organised. You can expect to find great shirts.
There’s plenty of designer pieces thrown in the mix – Gucci, Versace and Chloe to name a few – although these can be expected to come with a slightly higher price tag . There are some amazing costumes pieces and incredible, bejewelled garments that will send any serious collector crazy, not to name a rack of gorgeous wedding dresses. The size of the accessory collection is impressive as well: belts, scarfs, ties, swimsuits, jewellery, sunglasses, bags…



M. T. De Alvear 1355 – 1441, Buenos Aires



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