Hopes Virtual reality painting

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A long time ago a wonderful city was built. The inhabitants were very kind. The life was nice and peaceful. Words about prosperity and happiness eventually spread around.

The envy came to the heart of the neighboring town inhabitants. They decided to go burn the city, take the wealth, enslave the children, the women and kill the men. They came at night, surrounding the city to attack on morning. The people leaving there were harmless and couldn’t protect themselves. All they could do is pray and hope for the best.

The morning came, the enemy was ready. Suddenly, thousands fountains of water came out from the earth. The water that rose more and more, drowned the attackers. The whole town were saved, floating and moving away on the newly formed lake, until it disappeared on the horizon.

The lake still exists. The legend tells us that anyone with pure heart and soul could see this mysterious city one day, when they come to contemplate the water. We can’t explain everything that’s happening around us and, sometimes, just believing helps.

Credits: Anna Zhilyaeva


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