Express yourself in VR with real-time facial tracking. DecaGear’s FaceFlow

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FaceFlow is our new in-Game facial tracking system. It consist of two global-shutter infrared cameras that cover your face from within and outside the headset to track more than 50 facial muscle movements, delivering amazing expressiveness and making your VR experience way more personal. You’ve never played with anything like it. DecaGear 1 built with VRChat, Pavlov VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and other VR multiplayer games in mind. With technologies as facial tracking, pressure sensitive controllers with all finger tracking and hip based navigation you achieve a deeper presence in VR and a wider range of expressiveness when playing with others.

Available now for preorder, the DecaGear features 2,160 × 2,160 (4.6MP) per-eye resolution at 90Hz, two inward-facing cameras allowing for face tracking, four-camera inside-out tracking, hip tracking provided by the DecaMove attachment, pressure-sensitive controllers similar to that of the Valve Index, IPD adjustment, and support for SteamVR;
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