Corpus VR is a VR platform for fysio, ergo and neurotherapy

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Corpus VR is a platform for physio- and Neurotherapy that can be used as a therapy for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders. As a platform, accessible through an app, Corpus VR holds a variety of training exercises for neck and shoulders.

It uses the strength of VR to focus the patient on their own goals by putting them in different game environments in which they play games. While the therapist controls the degree of difficulty and the patient-specific settings, regarding the relaxation level (based on biofeedback research) and the muscle groups the patient needs to train. Therapists can monitor, coach and adjust the intensity of the exercises in real time. A third party accessory currently integrated with the platform is the Mindfield Biosystems® skin response sensor, that measure skin conductivity. This is an effective method to measure stress and relaxation. Adding other third-party solutions are being investigated.

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