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DECAGEAR – Exclusive Interview With The Team Behind The Ambitious Social VR Headset

 interview I had the chance to speak with the team behind the DecaGear 1. You will get to know CEO Or Kuntzman and Director Oded Daniel. I made sure to ask all the burning questions that the VR community really wants to know about, especially because the DecaGear just looked too good to be true….

Express yourself in VR with real-time facial tracking. DecaGear’s FaceFlow

FaceFlow is our new in-Game facial tracking system. It consist of two global-shutter infrared cameras that cover your face from within and outside the headset to track more than 50 facial muscle movements, delivering amazing expressiveness and making your VR experience way more personal. You’ve never played with anything like it. DecaGear 1 built with…

Robotic VR boots let you walk without moving forward

Forward-looking: Virtual reality has come a long way in the last few years, and while adoption rates aren’t what developers hoped, devices are improving and getting cheaper. But VR still has its problems, including moving around in games. One company has come up with an interesting solution to this conundrum: VR boots. First-person virtual reality games…

Intel Real VR at the Olympics

Intel’s Virtual Reality Technology at the 2018 Olympics (B-roll) B-roll shows Intel’s True VR technology at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Video includes an interview with Blake Rowe, product implementation manager, Intel True VR. (Credit: Intel Corporation)


We Believe in Immersive Experiences Immersive stories have the power to alter people’s lives more than any other medium. Today’s immersive technology can draw consumers into deeply engaging game sagas and complex narrative journeys only comparable to lucid dreams or hyper real life. Our quest at Wevr is to create transcendent globally shared immersive stories…

Terror Comes Closer With IT: Float VR Experience

IT tells the story of a town in Maine where children have begun to disappear. A group of children known as ‘The Loser Club’ due to their outcast status, face their own deepest, darkest terrors as they are faced with the evil clown Pennywise, who has been responsible for the disappearances and who is, in…

Cat Tries VR Dating Simulator

A funny video for a cat trying to get a date Prince Michael attempts to level up his love life in his brand new film Cat Tries VR A cat that gets constantly rejected in his love life gets a little hands-on experience with the help of a VR headset.

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