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Cataratas del Iguazú en 360°

Un recorrido en 360° por el Parque nacional Iguazú Experiencia 360° | Cataratas – Garganta del Diablo

3D SBS Cataratas del Iguazú, VR Box, Parque nacional del Iguazú, Side By Side, Fost de Iguazú

Cataratas de Iguazú, para que la disfrutes en 3D con tus gafas de Realidad Virtual y tengas experiencia única. Equivale a ver una pantalla de 100 desde 3m. Lo primera sensacion de las cataratas de Iguazú es su sonido, mucho antes de que puedan verse. Hay un momento en que se oye un murmullo, un…

first 5K 960fps VR180 sample

  960fps is 32X slower than normal playback speed! Here is a test footage captured with the K2 pro in 120fps, and we made 8X interpolation to 960fps with an AI algorithm using depth awareness. No visible artifact is observed! For easy comparison, frame buffering with optical flow in Premiere Pro is also included. Check…

the 3D Stereoscopic Museum

Just off Alvarado and sunset in a quiet little alleyway, there’s a jewel of a museum. Eric Kurland is the director, curator, and chief cook and bottle washer for the 3D Space Museum, the center for stereoscopic photography, Art, Cinema, and education. The museum is a certified nonprofit and needs everyone’s help to keep it…

Secrets of Sir David Attenborough Micro Monsters for Oculus Part Three in 3D 360

Behind the Scenes of Micro Monsters Go behind the scenes of Micro Monsters with Director Elliot Graves, Executive Producer Anthony Geffen, Producer Vianney Comot, Narrator David Attenborough, Editor Richard Lester, VFX Producer David Barker, and Oculus Immersive Lead Eric Cheng. Credit: Oculus

Bali ARMA Resort in 3D 180

Embedded in lush Balinese gardens the ARMA Resort provides you with an elegant, tranquil and serene environment. We are a genuine refuge for people seeking an alternative to the often hectic settings their lives are surrounded by and an escape into a space where pressure and barriers dissolve. It is our commitment to welcome you…

Star Wars Vader Immortal Ep 2 3D Side by Side SBS VR Walkthrough Gameplay Video Google Cardboard

Star Wars Vader Immortal Episode 2 is a fun and immersive Oculus Quest and Rift game. You can now experience the game if you don’t own an Oculus Quest or Rift headset. Vader Immortal: Episode I [PS VR] – VR SBS 3D Video Recording of Vader Immortal: Episode I from PS VR to SBS 3D….

3D 360° 8K Star Wars Movie Roller Coaster The Rise of Skywalker 360 video VR

3D 360° 8K Star Wars Movie Roller Coaster The Rise of Skywalker 360 video VR. Roller Coaster Virtual Reality ride in 360° 3D 8K with Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker for Oculus Rift S, Playstation VR, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest & more.  

8K 60fps 3D 360° a VR Dance Experience with Rave Dora + Crew | Insta360 Pro 2

Why you need 8K 60fps in Stereoscopic 3D 360? This video will tell you why! Let’s push Insta360 Pro 2 performance to the MAX and enjoy this Hugh Hou’s very own passion project/production in downtown Los Angeles. 👉PLEASE WATCH IN VR HEADSET ON YOUTUBE VR Many thanks to all the amazing dancers: Drew Ann Deason…

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