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Cara a cara con un dragón de Komodo en 3D VR180

Este es un video VR180, así que ponlo en tu Google Cardboard o VR BOX , para sumergirte por completo en este mundo. ¿Sin visor vr ? No hay problema. ¡Mueva su teléfono móvil y disfrute de la experiencia total de 180! Si está viendo en un dispositivo móvil y desea experimentar la aventura a través de un auricular VR, simplemente haga clic en el icono del auricular en la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla (tiene formato de aneojos ) .
el audio esta en ingles, pero tiene subtitulos en español que salen igualmente viendo En VR 🙂

Kyburg Castle Weapons Room

Kyburg Castle (German: Schloss Kyburg) is a castle in the municipality of Kyburg and the canton of Zurich southerly of Winterthur in Switzerland. The castle is situated above the river Töss. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.


The castle it’s first mentioned in 1027 under the name of Chuigeburg (Castle of Cows).

The Counts of Kyburg were the most important noble family in South Germany beside the Habsburg and the House of Savoy.

During the centuries, the castle passed through the hands of various aristocratic families. The Kyburg was destroyed by the forces of the Holy Roman Empire. In the 15th century the city of Zürich bought the county and restored it to its former glory. Since 1999 a society runs it: the Verein Museum Schloss Kyburg.


The museum brings the castle back to life. As you walk through his chambers you can smell the spices form the medieval cuisine, visit the torture room, the imposing bedrooms or admire the overwhelming weapons collection. You can also try on medieval clothes or find out what happens to thieves.

Every summer the Kyburgiade, an international chamber music festival, takes place in the inner courtyard of the castle.

Museum Opening Hours

During the summer season, that starts from May 1st until the middle of October, the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday during the hours of 10.30am to 5.30pm.

In winter, the museum is only open on weekends from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Kevsho Mica Suarez ATRAPADOS EN HALLOWEEN Video en 3D VR180

Kevsho y Mica Suárez, que harán de estos 4 videos un especial seriado de Halloween, para el cual esta tecnología de realidad virtual permitirá que sus seguidores vivan una experiencia recorriendo lugares insólitos y escalofriantes.

4 episodios de contenido inmersivo, con efecto en estereoscópico 3D, de realidad virtual como Google Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR, PlayStation VR, y HTC Vive.
«Atrapados en Halloween» es la primera mini serie de realidad virtual para Latinoamérica.

ATRAPADOS EN HALLOWEEN (Episodio. 1) kevsho ft. Mica Suarez VR180 video

En este episodio, Kevsho convence a Mica Suarez de celebrar Halloween de una manera muy especial, pero no se esperan lo que está por ocurrir.

Este es un video VR180, haz click en tu cardboard o utiliza los anteojos VR para sumergirte totalmente en este mundo. Si no tienes anteojos no hay problema! Mueve tu celular y podrás tener una mágica vista de 180 grados.

ATRAPADOS EN HALLOWEEN (Episodio. 2) Mica Suarez ft. Kevsho VR180

En este episodio, Mica Suarez y Kevsho quedan atrapados en el juego de Jack, donde conocerán su lado más oscuro.

Utiliza los lentes VR para una experiencia más completa.

ATRAPADOS EN HALLOWEEN (Episodio. 3) kevsho ft. Mica Suarez VR180 video

En este episodio, Kevsho y Mica deben descubrir en quién pueden confiar, pero eso no será tan sencillo como parece.

Este es un video VR180, haz click en tu cardboard o utiliza los anteojos VR para sumergirte totalmente en este mundo. Si no tienes anteojos no hay problema! Mueve tu celular y podrás tener una mágica vista de 180 grados.

ATRAPADOS EN HALLOWEEN! (Episodio4) – Mica Suarez ft. Kevsho VR180 video

En este episodio, Kevsho y Mica deberán descubrir la forma de salir de este tenebroso lugar donde Jack los encerró.

Este es un video VR180, haz click en tu cardboard o utiliza los anteojos VR para sumergirte totalmente en este mundo. Si no tienes anteojos no hay problema! Mueve tu celular y podrás tener una mágica vista de 180 grados.

Elton John – Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour: The Launch VR180

Farewell Yellow Brick Road is an ongoing tour by British musician Elton John that began in Allentown, Pennsylvania on 8 September 2018. It is intended to be John’s final tour and will consist of more than 300 concerts worldwide. By the end of the first leg of the tour on 18 March 2019, it had grossed over $125 million and won a Billboard Music Award in the category Top Rock Tour. The tour’s name and its poster reference John’s 1973 album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. According to Pollstar, the tour has grossed $358.6 million across 179 shows
From Wikipedia

After more than half a century on the road and an unparalleled career that has redefined the cultural landscape and seen him claim his place as a true global icon, Elton has announced via an exclusive VR180 Live Stream on YouTube, details of his final tour called ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’.

A Daytime Visit to Caesars Palace and Bellagio in VR180 3D. Best with a VR headset

Check out the Forum shops at Caesars and then visit the conservatory gardens of Bellagio. Filmed with the Lenovo Mirage camera and google daydream
Watch with the VR Headset for the best experience

Stonehenge 3D Vr180 Virtual Tour – Monumento prehistórico


One of England’s most iconic monuments, Stonehenge has certainly stood the test of time. Visiting Stonehenge is an unforgettable experience. Follow in the footsteps of Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors as you explore the iconic stone circle and its surrounding prehistoric monuments at this World Heritage Site. Discover more about the story of the circle and its people in our visitor centre exhibition. Explore the replica Neolithic houses and learn how the builders of Stonehenge might have lived. Enjoy a tasty meal in the café or bring a picnic to eat in the stunning Wiltshire landscape. There’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy, including a changing special exhibition programme and activities for children during the school holidays.

Where: Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

Getting there: It takes between 2 and 4 hours to travel from London to Stonehenge and you can access the World Heritage site by train, bus or car.

Entry Information: Open 364 days a year (closed Christmas Day), prices vary depending on time of visit.

Here’s a quick VR180 virtual tour of the Stonehendge Stone Circle in Salisbury, UK. It’s a World Heritage site and a must see

Watch with the VR Headset for the best experience.

Stonehenge es un monumento megalítico tipo crómlech, además de otros elementos como hoyos, fosos, montículos, etc., construido entre el final del Neolítico y principios de la Edad del Bronce, situado cerca de Amesbury, en el condado de Wiltshire, Inglaterra, a unos trece kilómetros al norte de Salisbury.

Uno de los monumentos ingleses más emblemáticos, no cabe duda de que Stonehenge ha resistido el paso del tiempo. Una reliquia de la Edad de Piedra, el método de construcción sigue siendo un misterio, pero abundan leyendas de todo tipo

3D VR180 – Berlin Wall East Side Gallery – Muro de Berlin vista en ·3D VR

It was the 31st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in recent weeks.
I shot a 3D VR180 video at the East Side Gallery, where the Wall is displayed as an open-air museum.
Watch with the VR Headset for the best experience.

En el 31 aniversario de la caída del Muro de Berlín en las últimas semanas.
Grabé un video 3D VR180 en la East Side Gallery, donde el Muro se muestra como un museo al aire libre.
Míralo con los auriculares VR para disfrutar de la mejor experiencia.

VR Travel Experience 3D video VR180 | Rzeszów, Poland

Hollywood Boulevard 3D VR180 Travel Video

Wide Ride down Hollywood Boulevard from La Brea to Gower. A 360 video formatted for stereo VR180. Shot December 8, 2020

St Peter’s Basilica 3D Tour, VR180 4K – Vatican City, Rome, Italy – Basilica San Pietro – Interior

The Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican (Italian: Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano), or simply Saint Peter’s Basilica (Latin: Basilica Sancti Petri), is a church built in the Renaissance style located in Vatican City, the papal enclave that is within the city of Rome.

La basílica papal de San Pedro, conocida comúnmente como basílica de San Pedro, es un templo católico situado en la Ciudad del Vaticano. La basílica cuenta con el mayor espacio interior de una iglesia cristiana en el mundo, ​ presenta 193 m de longitud, 44,5 m de altura, y abarca una superficie de 2,3 hectáreas.

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