Can VR headsets actually replace computer monitors? I tried one for a few days to find out

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For the past few days, I replaced my laptop with a VR head set. You see, the new VR goggles from Meta, the Meta Quest Pro now have color cameras on it, so you can actually see your surroundings and get an augmented reality experience. Marques Brownlee pointed out that you could connect a desktop or laptop wirelessly and instead of having one small laptop display, you could have three massive displays surrounding your head. So how practical is this? Could you use it at work everyday, or in a small apartment, or perhaps while traveling on a plane or in a coffee shop? Well I wanted to find out, so I ordered a Meta Quest Pro and used it instead of my usual laptop display

Let’s start out with some concerns I had before starting

1) The battery life:

You don’t actually need to worry about the battery because you can charge via usbC while using the headset

2) Camera quality and lag
Not really any significant lag that bothered me

You really can’t see your keyboard, so while typing is fine, I sometimes struggle to find the special characters like @#%^ on my macbook pro

Using workspace app, you can see your surroundings (and your laptop) or you can go to a different virtual workspace. The virtual is easier on they eyes, but then you can’t see your laptop or keyboard at all and you are just typing on a table – strange. They need a keyboard map

I am TERRIFIED that I will spill something on my laptop

Sometimes there is some lag in typing and mouse movement, but for the most part, I was impressed by how smooth everything was!

So those were my preconceived concerns and initial reactions when I started using it. So far, so good. None of them were really dealbreakers. Instead, there was plenty to like about this setup.

1) No screen glares from lights or windows
2) No distractions
Other people look kind of faceless
Surroundings were less interesting and less clear than display
Can’t use phone
More immersive and therefore more productive
3) It really works well! Much like actually having multiple monitors. They stay put perfectly, and even extensions like Magnet on Mac work to snap windows to different virtual displays
4) Insead of turning your head, you can turn the monitors. This is incredible. Just use hand gestures to bring each monitor in front of you – is this different from alt tab? I think so. It definitely takes some practice. Not a smooth experience for me yet
5) So I know I said I hate 360 audio, but this is a situation where it is cool.

Which leads us into some hiccups and full blown problems

2) Hand and control gestures do not affect your computer at all – your normal mouse and keyboard do that

3) I think I need to wear earbuds if I plan to listen to music. The speakers on this headset are just ok. Passable for a tutorial or podcast, but I like to listen to music when I work (or listen to my own audio when editing)

4) This thing is heavy. While my head is comfortable, my neck is definitely feeling the strain from an extra 1.6lb on my head

5) The biggest issue of them all, and the reason I had to stop using this to replace my monitor

The 1800×1920 resolution is definitely not great. If you break that down to each computer display, I would say it is equivalent to about 720p display. My laptop is 4k and I am usually not this close to it. I really look forward to the day this kind of headset is 5k or better.

For now, I just make all my browser tabs about 200%

Started working – let’s see how long I can work without eye pain
20 min – Loosening fit
45 min – Eyes feel like I am working on a 2005 CRT display. Same type of resolution, harsh brightness, and overall feel on my eyes. To continue, I am turning the brightness down to 50% and entering a lakeside workspace
1 hr – I had to take a break. That really hurt my eyes

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
One or more of the products shown in this video may have been sent to me at no cost. This does not influence my opinions; I always cover both pros and cons.


In this video I try the Augmented Reality functionality of the VR headset Meta Quest Pro. The idea is to see if virtual monitors is something that can replace your physical desktop monitors. How functional is it right now? Do I see a potential future for this technology? Or, is it really just a gimmick to sell you a new device?

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