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María Baldini Artista Plastica

Muestra: Estigma, Mas alla del dolor


5 Artistas Exponen Monica Fuksman , Stella Vergottini, Natalia Gandolfo , Monica Iturrioz


Alejandro Malowcki : LO HUMANO Perla Sarmiento: Hoy Mis Flores

Kravetz, Szterenberg “Algo en común

Body and text are mutually intertwined in Kravezt work, in a tense
conversation that disquiet us, and open our senses.
Pulling from an invisible thread, Szterenberg calls to the image to become

present. Her work arises between letters and textures, modeled by contrasts
and silences.
They find each other in the play as a starting point, in the thoughts and

in the mystery.

Danielle Camus 50 años en la pintura homenaje a Roberto Broullon

Silvina Fiamingo, argentinian painter borned in Buenos Aires, has participated in several national and international exhibitions. In “Animales exóticos” (exotic animals), she longs to break the common perception of reality through her particular language, with surrealistic, fantastic and biomorphic imprint

WE ARE ATTENDING IN OUR HEADQUARTERS OF MICROCENTRO. Tucuman 712 almost esq. Maipu (former Fernández Blanco Bookstore)

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