A-Frame – VR for Web Developers (Kevin Ngo and Diego Marcos)

A-Frame is a declarative WebVR framework for web developers. We’ll introduce the game-changing concepts of A-Frame, showcase what the community has built with A-Frame in the last several months, and present sneak peeks of novel experiments that we have rapidly prototyped using A-Frame. Kevin (@andgokevin) is a web developer, based in San Francisco, on the Mozilla VR team (mozvr.com). The Mozilla VR team is focused on bringing high-performance virtual reality to the open web. He is a core developer on A-Frame (aframe.io), an open-source WebVR framework. Diego Marcos (@dmarcos) is a developer in the Mozilla VR team since its inception. A-Frame came out from one of the multiple prototypes he made and currently evolves and maintains the API with Kevin Ngo. His obsession is designing tools that enable anyone to create content in VR.

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